Our Healing Kitchen – Press Release 6/29/19

Wonderful news!! The Fort Wayne NAACP Branch 3049 will be facilitating a Our HEALing Kitchen Class at Pilgrim Baptist Church starting July 1st, 2019. The grant is sponsored by St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Parkview Health.

This grant comes at a time where the branch is also volunteering at Victory and Heritage Community Gardens as a part of the Environmental Climate Justice initiative. Our goal is to introduce healthy food options and their preparation to single parents and their children.

The instructor is Stacia Kelly, Health Chair. Stacia was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN. She attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where she studied Agricultural Business Management; however, graduated with a B.S. in Management at the School of Consumer and Family Sciences. She also completed a Master’s in Business Administration at Strayer University. She is currently working on a Doctorate at Indiana Wesleyan University. She’s always had love for the community and humanitarianism. She was proudly awarded the Fort Wayne Seratoma Award (Service to Mankind) in 2005. As a minority African American Woman, She has built a history of effective leadership contributions as a Manager improving bottom-line profitability, operational efficiency, and team morale. The strength of her skills are assisting an organization in directing improvements through vision, planning, and empowerment. Stacia is also a member of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences also known as MANRRS. It is important to Stacia that she contributes to increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in the careers and fields that they are most passionate about obtaining. In addition, keeping our communities healthy.

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