Minority Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Society

The Fort Wayne NAACP M.Y.L.E.S. (Minority Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Society) program aims to promote young professionals in the Fort Wayne area quarterly.
Young professionals refers to people in their 20’s and 30’s that are employed in a profession and/or creates jobs and opportunities for others in their community.

2nd Quarter M.Y.L.E.S – Zuri Williams

Dr. Zuri A. Williams, DPT, is a Fort Wayne, Indiana native that graduated from Northrop High School in 2005. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Tennessee State University followed by her doctorate degree from Howard University located in Washington, DC.

Dr. Williams returned home to work in the school system where she was inspired with the vision to start The Financial Semester, Inc. She has always committed herself to giving back to the community through various functions. The mission of the Financial Semester, Inc. is to educate school age children K-12 with financial literacy and equip them with the financial tools that will lead them to financial freedom. The goal is to provide practical but advanced financial planning information that will increase fiscal awareness. This will lead to increased savings and asset accumulation in the African American community. Invest in yourself. Invest in your future.

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1st Quarter M.Y.L.E.S – Shi’Dasha James: Slay By Shi

Shi’Dasha James – Slay By Shi

I’m Shi’Dasha James also known as Slay By Shi. I became an entrepreneur June 2017 as a makeup artist. I didn’t have any prior experience in the beauty industry but I took a leap of faith. Prior to becoming a makeup artist, I was in the medical field since I was 18 yrs old. I would consider my first passion helping others that are mentally disabled. As I became more focused on watching beauty influencers on social media platforms and YouTube tutorials I grew to love makeup. I was the type that didn’t wear makeup so I wanted to bring a different look into the beauty world. My logo name Slay By Shi means slay to look good with a soft beauty enhancement to every natural woman. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and look the same with a little bit of Slay By Shi touch. It’s like painting my own brilliant canvas when it comes to makeup. As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned so many things on branding myself professionally but still remain yourself.

My advice to others is to stay focused, remain humble, and don’t take criticism personal. It’s just a builder to help you grow to your full potential.  In my case, makeup artist quality and originality speaks for itself. You just have to apply that into your craft to set you aside as who you are in the beauty industry. If it’s something out there meant for you all things will fall into place. Follow your heart and dreams because anything is possible. I want to give back to the young ladies on how to properly take care of their skin and a small beauty care package.

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