May Newsletter

General Membership meetings are held every fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30pm located at the Allen County Public Library – Main Branch.

Members should have received a 1st Quarter Newsletter in the mail in April along with any membership cards and/or updates.

Resolutions Vote

Our branch recently voted in a resolution to add “Black” as a protected class.

That the National Association of for the Advancement of Colored people stand opposed to prosecutors, district attorneys, and grand juries discriminatory practices of not indicting white police officers who murder black men, women, and children by lobbing for legislation which includes “Black” as a Protected Class. 

That the NAACP and all of it’s 2,000 Units  call upon City Councils to enact ordinances, State Legislatures enact statues, and the United States Congress enact legislation and advocate legislation for “Black” to be included as a Protected Class in the 1964 Civil Rights Laws protecting black victims when Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Grand Juries who refuse to secure justice.

That City Councils, State Legislatures, and U.S. Congress enact legislation to include “Black” as a Protected Class in the 1964 Civil Rights laws prohibiting Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Grand Juries who violates Black victims civil rights during the Criminal Justice proceedings.

That all of the NAACP Units urge it’s local City Councils, State Representatives, and U.S. Congressman to write legislation to include “Black” as a Protected Class in the 1964 Civil Rights Act as cited by law when including “Black” as a Protected Class thus condemning the practices of discrimination by Prosecutors, District Attorneys, and Grand Juries. 

American Clean Up Day

The Fort Wayne NAACP Youth Members participated in the 2019 Great American Cleanup on May 4th. Thanks for your service! You are the future!

Thank You Reverend Michael Latham Sr.!

On May 11th 2019, the Reverend Michael Latham Sr. was laid to rest. We thank him for his service to the community and as a former President of the Fort Wayne NAACP branch 3049.

Minority Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Society (M.Y.L.E.S)

The Fort Wayne NAACP M.Y.L.E.S. (Minority Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Society) program aims to promote young professionals in the Fort Wayne area monthly. 

Young professionals refers to people in their 20’s and 30’s that are employed in a profession and/or creates jobs and opportunities for others in their community.

Check out our April and May Minority Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Society: Shi’Dasia James and Dr. Zuri Williams at

Flagstar Crafts Community Grant

We have been rewarded a $5000 grant for the Flagstar Bank Crafts Community grant! Thank you to all that supported the branch by either logging in to the Flagstar website or visiting the Northcrest branch location.

Indiana Hate Crime Bill Rally – Call to Action

Indiana Senate passed a hate crime bill but it wasn’t the same bill the authors originally wrote. On 5/14/19 it was stripped of the list of specific protected groups. Opponents to the amendment argue that specificity is crucial to a hate crime law, while NAACP supporters say a more general law would cover everyone. Indiana remains one of only five states without a HATE CRIMES LAW.

Here’s everything you need to know about the current hate crime bill in the Indiana Senate, what the rest of the country looks like, and what comes next. What is the hate crime bill? The synopsis for Senate Bill 12 originally read: “Makes it an aggravating circumstance (for purposes of imposing a criminal sentence) that a crime was committed with the intent to harm or intimidate an individual or a group of individuals because of certain perceived or actual characteristics of the individual or group of individuals.” It would allow judges to consider a stricter sentence for someone who harms or intimidates a person or group based on a list of protected characteristics including race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

Hate crime bill: Indiana Senate strips hate crime bill, scrapping gender identity and other protected traits U.S. hate crime law: Here’s how Indiana’s proposed hate crime bills would compare to other states’ What happened to the bill? The bill was sent to the Senate Committee on Rules and Legislative Procedure and then passed out of the Senate Public Policy committee. On Feb. 19, the Indiana Senate voted to amend the bill, eliminating all specific characteristics including race, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The synopsis now reads: “Provides that a court may consider bias in imposing a criminal sentence. Specifies the manner in which bias crime data shall be reported to the state police department.” Have any other states passed hate crime bills like this? Georgia passed a hate crime bill in 2000, but it did not list specific protected groups, and the Georgia Supreme Court threw it out because it was “unconstitutionally vague.” Utah’s hate crime law is also not specific, and no one has been convicted of a hate-based crime in the 20 years it’s been in effect. What about the federal hate crimes law? In 2009, U.S. Congress passed Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which expands the 1969 federal hate crime law to include protections for individuals based on gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. The act also provides federal funding to help state and local jurisdictions more effectively prosecute hate crimes. But experts argue that it is difficult to get this support. Out of 7,175 hate crime incidents reported to the FBI in 2017, more than half were racially motivated, 1,564 were based on religion, 1,130 for sexual orientation and 119 on gender identity.

Environmental Climate Justice

NAACP Branch 3049 Executive Committee Member Calvin Kelly and representative delegation of about 15 Indiana State Leaders met with Governor Holcomb to discuss the previous legislative session and our NAACP Game Changers. It was a very productive meeting. Thank you Denise for making this happen.

Upcoming Events and Programs

Our “Healing” Kitchen

The Fort Wayne NAACP Branch 3049 is happy to announce that we are a grant recipient of the 2019 HEAL grant funded by St. Joseph Community and Parkview Health. In the next coming months, we will be preparing to facilitate July classes. Stacia Kelly, our Communication, Press and Publicity Chair will be coordinating and facilitating the classes. If you have any questions, please contact her.

Veteran Affairs Seminar

NACCP Fort Wayne Branch 3049 Armed Services & Veterans Affairs and American Legion Charles C. Anderson Post No. 148 Commander Anthony Payne

Presents Veterans Benefits Seminar
Saturday, May 25, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m
American Legion Charles C. Anderson Post 148 705 East Lewis Street Fort Wayne, IN 46802, Phone: 1-260-423-4751

Learn about federal, state, and local veterans’ benefits. Specific topics will include, among others, medical benefits, disability compensation, non-service connected pension, education, home loans, survivors’ compensation and pension, burial benefits, government life insurance, discharge upgrades, Department of Defense concurrent receipt and combat related compensation benefits, and benefits available for the spouse and children of veterans.

An American Legion, Department of Indiana Veterans Service Officer will conduct the presentation and stay after to answer individual questions. The American Legion will also offer Veterans Affairs accredited representation to claimants seeking appeals assistance with VA claims.

This free service is open to all Veterans of the United States Armed Services, their dependents, and survivors. American Legion membership or NAACP membership is not required. Your attendance will likely benefit you or someone you know.

American Legion Service Officers are experts in their field and secure millions in new veterans’ benefits in the State of Indiana every year, free of charge to our service members.

If you have any questions and to RSVP, please contact Chairperson of the NAACP Armed Services & Veterans Affairs and The American Legion Charles C. Anderson Post NO 148 Post Service Officer, Dr. Calvin Louis Kelly Sr. 720-577-9108 or by email at

Fort Wayne Heart of Gold Gathering

Heritage Garden by Daughters of Oshun

Be on the look out for more information in the next coming months for the community garden located at Dupree Memorial Church.