July Newsletter

Health Committee Event – Our Healing Kitchen

After 8 intense classes, children and their parents learned how to meal plan, prepare and cook meals that are vegetable enriched for healthier lifestyles. On top of cooking skills, they also learned about bonding in the kitchen as a team. Our Healing Kitchen is fundamentally changing communities and the Fort Wayne NAACP Branch 3049 would like to thank St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Parkview for sponsoring us facilitating the cooking class.

Our Healing Kitchen Closing Day Program


Workshops attended

1. Press Conference 2. NAACP Membership Portal Workshop 3. Delegate Receptions 4. Indiana Delegation Caucus 5. Midwest Region III Caucus 6. Opening Session 7. Veterans Forum 8. Nancy Pelosi 9. President Reception 10. Young Professional Reception 11. President’s Council Reception 12. Voter Mobilization Workshop 13. Resolutions 14. National Elections 15. NexGen Reception 16. Candidate Forum

Awards and Acknowledgements • Flagstar Craft Community Grant ACT-SO • CRATI Midwest Region III Laydown 1st Place • (2 nd and 3 rd Quarter) Indiana State Conference Laydown 1 st Place • Women In NAACP Mother’s Day Contest 1st Place

Pilgrim Baptist Church Victory Garden & Daughter’s of Oshun Heritage Garden

The environmental climate justice is very much important to us so as we geared up for Our Healing Kitchen we also supported local gardens in their initiatives toward food securities and relieve food deserts in Fort Wayne, Allen County.

FWUL Youth Empowerment Program

NAACP Branch 3049 took part in the Fort Wayne Urban League’s Youth Empowerment Program where as children age 14 through 16 were hired and paid to garden, clean the church, and go on educational field trips. They were also taught how to dress for an interview, college readiness, and team building.

Parkview Inaugural Diversity Summit

Missionary Baptist Church Convention – President’s Dinner

The church is the foundation of the NAACP, our members came in support of the objectives of the church through spiritual faith and perseverance!

Fort Wayne NAACP Branch 3049 President Sheila Campbell and Health Chair Stacia Kelly

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