The current civil rights climate of the nation is unlike that of previous generations. We have seen a dramatic rise in discriminatory practices and policies that threaten civil rights advancements for which we have fought hard. In the face of these overt threats to our rights, our nation is in the middle of a civil rights surge, people of all ages resisting oppression and threats to our constitutional rights.

 The NAACP is in a unique position and will lead the national discourse regarding threats to our civil rights. The message of the 2018 membership campaign is built on this premise:

The issues for which we fought, died and advocated, the rights we have secured, are threatened. We are called to defend and ensure that our progress is not undermined.

As NAACP members, we have taken up the call to defend civil rights for all Americans. The NAACP will continue to lead, and in order to remain the strongest voice against today’s threats, we must have a strong and effective MEMBERSHIP BASE.

The National Membership Department is launching the “ALL IN” Campaign.

The campaign will include three (3) phases with a concentrated focus in each phase:

  1. Increase Unit memberships by 20% by March 11, 2019. The increase will be based on the numbers from the September 2018 branch activity report through March 11, 2019.
  2. Ensure renewal rate of expiring members of at least 20%. Ensure renewal rate of lapsed members of at least 15%.
  3. Ensure members stay engaged by increased participation in national and local community efforts.

Units whose memberships are between 50 to 200 members

Units meeting the baseline 20% increase will receive an “ALL IN” lapel pin and certificate. Units in this category who increase membership by 40% and enroll 5 new subscribing life members and 5 fully paid members (excluding youth life memberships) will receive the following:

* 2 2019 CRATI Registrations

* 2 Tickets to the 2019 National Membership Luncheon, Detroit, MI.